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Nominations are now open for the 2018 Australian Asphalt Pavement Association (AAPA) Industry Awards, which recognise the leaders and innovators driving positive change in the flexible pavements sector.Nominations are now open for the 2018 Australian Asphalt Pavement Association (AAPA) Industry Awards, which recognise the leaders and innovators driving positive change in the flexible pavements sector.

The six award categories are:

2018 Road Worker of the Year

2018 Outstanding Project

2018 Innovation

2018 Industry Leadership

2018 Safety Initiative

2018 Emerging Leader

Winners will be announced at the respective AAPA State Gala Dinners, with each state winner automatically placed in contention for the National Awards, this year taking place in Queensland.

The 2018 Gala Dinner dates are:

South Australia: 1 June (nominations close 30 April)

New South Wales: 15 June (nominations close 1 May)

Victoria: 22 June (nominations close 14 May)

Western Australia: 29 June (nominations close 21 May)

Tasmania: 5 July (nominations close 4 June)

Queensland: 17 August (nominations close 25 June)

Last year, industry leadership was recognised from the 2017 AAPA National Award winners who demonstrated a proactive approach to drive cost savings, enhance safety and sustainability and deliver real innovation that embraces change for a better tomorrow.

The 2017 winners were:

2017 Outstanding Project Award Winner

Winner: Kingsford Smith Ave Reconstruction Project, Downer (Western Australia)

Downer delivered an outstanding project in the Kingsford Smith Avenue, Reconstruction Project, a road that is the approach to Perth Airport. Downer delivered an alternative design solution to government that:

  • delivered the project 1 month early, reducing impact to the public;
  • used 100% recycling techniques, driving sustainability outcomes; and
  • reduced the cost of the project by 60%.


2017 Safety Initiative Award Winner

Winner: Gerard Killick, Fulton Hogan

Gerard is an established leader with over 25 years working in the industry and he is driven to enhance safety. His latest initiatives saw both:

  • The introduction of new spreader vehicles to Fulton Hogan, South Australia that reduce vehicle roll-over and hitting overhead objects risk; however
  • Gerard’s passion for safety and commitment to drive change resulted in a collaborative relationship between Fulton Hogan and Caterpillar to design and build what has become the new CW12 pneumatic tyre roller.   This initiative eliminates reverse driving risk on these vehicles with national application, enhancing the safety of people on site.

2017 Road Worker of the Year Winner

Winner: Ian Kirby, Boral Asphalt (Queensland)

Ian is recognised as the frontline leader, the “go to person” for safety solutions and development of new initiatives for his contracting crews. With Ian’s extensive experience, there is not much Ian has not seen or done in the industry. Some of Ian’s notable accomplishments include:

  • development of the Bitac Applicator Trolley to reduce manual handling risk on site;
  • development of the Paver Visual Exclusion Zone Cable, enhancing on-site safety;
  • driving quality on projects such as the smooth rides enjoyed on the Queensland Cooroy to Curra Project (Section B – roughness only 8 NAASRA Counts);
  • delivering Queensland major projects including the first significant Queensland Stone Mastic Asphalt project near Dalby (52 000t) and 250 000t of Bitumen Treated Base near Roma. Ian was also a major part of the AAPA Award winning Toowoomba Range & Legacy Way Tunnel projects.

2017 Emerging Leader Winner

Winner: Paul Horn, Boral Asphalt (Queensland)

Paul joined Boral as a graduate in 2003 and has risen quickly through the ranks from Project Engineer to now Operations Manager (Qld / PNG).

Paul builds teams through leadership, mentoring and growing of confidence as can be seen in his 25 direct reports, where there has been less than 2% turn over in the last 5 years.

Paul has shown early industry leadership by:

  • playing a major role in operationalising the Queensland / New South Wales harmonised asphalt specification;
  • process change and developing training that achieves significant improvement in air voids compliance;
  • leading the introduction of technology transfer such as EME2 and actively participating in the AAPA Technology & Leadership Committee for the last four years.

Recognised by his peers, management, and clients for his initiative, understanding, communication skills and commitment, the AAPA community congratulates Paul and we look forward to what comes next.

2017 Innovation Winner

Winner: SAMI Bitumen Technologies

SAMI has developed an innovation that removes operational constraints that have previously prevented effective long-haul use of crumb rubber modified seal binders.   There innovative process has extended the haulage range of crumb rubber modified binders from 300km to 1100km from point of manufacture. This has ben successfully demonstrated in South West Queensland.

This innovation now allows remote Australian roads benefit from the sustainability benefits of crumb rubber, breaking the operational limitations of the past and delivering a product that also reduces cost and extends asset life.

2017 Industry Leader Winner

Winner: Peter Todd, A/CEO (Vicroads)

Peter has been a prominent industry leader across Australia for many years, with senior Government positions in South Australia, Tasmania and Victoria. He is currently the Acting Chief Executive Officer of VicRoads, which is testament to his drive since starting his career as a young pavement engineer.

Peter has also provided valuable leadership through his past representation on the AAPA Board, where he brought his considerable experience to the table engaging with industry to assist our industry to deliver the best technical and economical services to the community.

In recent times, his initiative has led to our industry making a quantum leap, “Toward Safer Sprayed Sealing Operations” by introducing measures to address the high risk of the reversing aggregate spreading operation of sprayed sealing.

His initiative to provide incentives for early industry adoption of the necessary new equipment has removed previous impediments to the introduction of the technology in to Australia.

Last year, VicRoads, in association with AAPA, announced its intention to phase out the use of reversing spreaders in its spray seal operations by 2022.

To submit a nomination for the 2018 AAPA State and National Industry Awards, go to

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