ARRB appoints WA State Technical Leader

The Australian Road Research Board (ARRB) has appointed Francois Finette as its State Technical Leader for Western Australia.

“I am looking forward to providing leadership in developing innovative ways of how the next generation of pavements, surfacings and structures are to embrace a digitally connected and motivated world,” said Mr. Finette in a news release.

Mr. Finette brings more than 10 years experience as a chartered professional engineer to his position as State Technical Leader. His decade of experience has had him focusing on commercial endeavours, with a keen interest in learning and incorporating new innovative technologies. He holds a Bachelor of Engineering (Civil) from Monash University, a Master of Technology (Pavement) from La Trobe University and is currently pursuing his Master of Business Administration through University of Western Australia.

Mr. Finette seeks to provide engineering leadership in the following fields at the ARRB: road asset management, pavement engineering, pavement design, pavement construction optimization, pavement and reliable/economic decision-making.

“Francois’ dedication as a highly skilled engineering manager with his proven leadership skills makes him well suited for the role and we look forward to his contributions to the team,” said ARRB Chief Executive, Michael Caltabiano.

In regards to shaping the next generation of engineers, Francois said it can only be done by embracing diversity and being open to new ways of doing things.

“Technology is moving at a greater pace than we can process or adapt, with the explosion of AI, we as engineers need to embrace change,” he said.

He also noted that engineers, collectively will be better than the sum of the individuals.

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