Parramatta congestion upgrades

Upgrades at the Great Western Highway and Pitt Street intersection in Parramatta are now finished, with more improvements on the way.

Work has included installing a new left turn lane on the Great Western Highway for traffic turning down Pitt Street, a new eastbound left turn lane into Marsden street and an extension of the westbound right turn lane into Pitt Street.

Upgrades are also being carried out around the intersection of the Great Western Highway, Church Street and Parkes Street.

The upgrade will include a dedicated right turn lane from the Great Western Highway onto Church Street and another right turn lane from Church Street onto Parkes Street.

Early works will include the relocation of utilities on the north east corner of the intersection of Church and Parkes Street, which will be carried out until Monday 29 July.

Roads and Maritime Services Executive Director Sydney John Hardwick said the NSW Government is delivering the projects to help reduce travel times and improve safety.

“The improvements at the Great Western Highway and Pitt Street will reduce traffic queues at this key intersection and help motorists access the Parramatta CBD,” Mr. Hardwick said.

He said road users are already seeing improved traffic flow in the area thanks to upgrades completed last year.

“Along with other improvements at the Great Western Highway intersections with O’Connell and Marsden Streets, this is great news for motorists looking to get around Parramatta.”

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