Port Drive $110 million upgrade completed for Port of Brisbane

The $110 million Port Drive Upgrade has been finished in the Port of Brisbane.The $110 million Port Drive Upgrade has been finished in the Port of Brisbane.

Two years on from the commencement of the project, which has been designed to future-proof the Port as it continues to grow, it will provide vital road access to the southeast Queensland catchment.

PBPL CEO Roy Cummins said the Port Drive Upgrade was the biggest road project ever undertaken by the Port of Brisbane.

“This work has delivered significant safety benefits for all road users,” he said.

“It will boost efficiency for our customers and also delivers community benefits like safer access to the Whyte Island boat ramp.”

“This project is crucial because the Port of Brisbane is the ‘beating heart’ of Queensland’s economy, handling around $50 billion in international trade annually with the precinct home to more than 70 businesses, supporting thousands of jobs.”

More than 50,000 tonnes of Enrobés à Module Élevé Class 2 (EME2) was also rolled out for the project  – the largest placement of EME2 in Australia.

According to Mr. Cummins, port roads catered to more than 3.1 million vehicles every year including various heavy commercial vehicles.

“It’s absolutely vital that we continue to invest in road, rail and waterside infrastructure that will support the growth of this vital asset for the state,” he said.

Celebrating the completion of the project, Queensland Transport and Main Roads Minister Mark Bailey dedicated the new Port Drive to the late Peter Frawley, a much-respected employee of DP World Australia who lost his life while cycling on a port road in 2007.

“This project is a great example of private industry working with government to deliver a project that will benefit all Queenslanders,” he said.

“The Port of Brisbane is of course a vitally important piece of infrastructure and the completion of this road will ultimately save time and money.”

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