Position Partners launches iDig 2D machine control

Position Partners has launched iDig 2D machine control, designed specifically for excavators to provide real-time indication of depth, distance and slope.

According to a release from the company, the control system enables operators to do everything from within the cab – removing the need for a grade checker or surveyor, and reducing waste fuel and machine downtime by eliminating the necessity of getting out of the cab to check the grade or dig site.

“The iDig control system is set to revolutionise the way excavation occurs on job sites across Australia and New Zealand,” predicts Martin Nix, Position Partners’ CEO. “Because one iDig system can be used for an entire fleet of machines, which is ideal for contractors since different jobs require different machines and different buckets. Your one iDig system can go from excavator to mini to backhoe, and once set up, it will recognise more than 100 different machines and buckets.”

Joel Seddon, Position Partners’ Machine Systems Product Manager adds, “iDig has been built specifically as a 2D system for 2D applications on any job sites – it is not a 3D system with 3D technology simply taken out of it – so it’s very intuitive, and extremely simple to use, thanks to the large icons, 800 x 480 pixel resolution, and highly responsive 7-inch touch screen.

“When placed on a mini or large excavator, the iDig machine control system enables you to carry the benchmark with you, including height and slope guidance, across an entire job site; it completely negates the need for a grade checker or standalone laser receiver on your machine,” he added.

Optional accessories are also available, including chassis sensors for non-centre pivot machines, additional boom sensors, and tilt bucket sensors.

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