$10 million for upgrades on commodity freight routes

The Western Australian Government has allocated $10 million towards the upgrade of 20 regional roads.

Roads include Bulyee Road, Coalseam Seam Road, Miling North Road and Hospital Road, many of which were highlighted as priorities in the draft Revitalising Agricultural Region Freight Strategy.

Works will include stabilising, resealing, resurfacing, widening and drainage improvements.

The funding was highlighted in the state government’s 2019-20 budget as the commodity freight routes project, to support roads integral to Western Australia’s agrifood industry.

Commodity freight routes are routes that serve a significant high priority transport task associated with the transportation of commodities such as grain, livestock, timber, agricultural lime and minerals.

Regional Development Minister Alannah MacTiernan said the works will be delivered by the relevant local government, with financial oversight by Main Roads Western Australia.

“This funding will not only improve road safety and efficiency for our freight and agricultural industries, but also for road users travelling across the state,” Ms. MacTiernan said.

“Upgrading these top 20 priority locations will be critical to supporting our regional primary producers, who rely heavily on the state’s freight routes.”

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