10,000 enjoy new Canberra light rail

Image credit – John Holland

After three years of construction Canberra celebrated the first day of light rail operation with a celebratory community event on Saturday.

Over 10 thousand people took a trip on the light rail and wait times for a ride from the City and Gungahlin terminals reached 25 minutes.

While there was a wait to ride the rail, it was a bright sunny day and the Transport Canberra Light Rail Project Director, Meghan Oldfield said it was fantastic to see so many people out enjoying the day and riding the light rail.

She said the day overall was a success offering music, food and kids activities and no major incidents were reported.

Light rail will continue to operate from now on in Canberra. Travellers will be able to commute free for a month from April 29th across the new network.

The CEO of John Holland, Joe Barr has thanked the project team who made the light rail a reality in Canberra.

“We are so proud of all our people who worked hard on this historic project to make our capital city more connected than ever before. Canberra Metro carrying its first passengers marks an historic moment for this safe, modern and reliable new service,” Mr Barr said.

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