$26 million contract awarded in NT

The Northern Territory Government has awarded a $26 million Litchfield Park Road construction contract to local company Ostojic Group.

Ostojic Group will bituminise the Litchfield Park Road Loop and undertake 12 kilometre’s of upgrade and sealing works.

Construction will involve the installation of a new bridge over the Finniss River and a sealed two-lane, two-way rural arterial road with a speed limit of up to 100 kilometres an hour.

According to Infrastructure Minister Eva Lawler, the upgrades have been deemed essential and will create 80 local jobs.

“Works will ensure the road is open during the wet season, where normally it may be closed for long periods of time,” Ms. Lawler said.

“Completing this final stage will improve road safety and flood immunity in the wet season and ensure critical access is provided all year round – boosting tourism, pastoral and agricultural industries.”

Litchfield Park Road has been progressively upgraded and sealed over a number of years, to improve flood resistance, road safety and increase access for remote communities and towns in Litchfield Park and surrounding areas.

The Northern Territory Government has contributed $39 million to the project, with the federal government providing $5.7 million as part of the Asset Recycling Initiative.

Ms. Lawler said the state government are working with Traditional Owners to ensure their engagement in the project.

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