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Faults detected on SANY’s concrete pump are displayed on a tablet, enabling operators to quickly resolve issues.

Boom Concrete Pumping is among the first in Australia to purchase the SANY SY30 concrete pump which works to increase safety and ease of operation.

As a hazardous activity, concrete pumping prompted Work Safe Victoria to release an industry standard, outlining obligations to protect employees and the public.

The standard lists possible manual handling hazards, one being that during set-up, pump workers are required to manually handle sometimes dangerous items such as timber pads, pipes and hoses holding concrete.

With some older machinery, strong winds or oscillation from pumping can displace the boom. Workers can also be required to move beneath the pump while carrying pipes, which can be dangerous.

To mitigate the risk associated with concrete pumping, high-performance machinery with preventative technology is needed.

Michael Flammea, owner of Boom Concrete Pumping, was looking for a new pump capable of increasing on-site safety and productivity. After nearly a decade in the industry, he has worked with many different concrete pumps and wanted to try a new brand.

In mid-2019, Boom Concrete Pumping acquired one of Australia’s first SANY SY30 42-150 concrete pumps from Gough Industrial Solutions. Mr. Flammea needed the pump to perform a wide range of jobs from slabs for infrastructure to house bases.

Equipped with a smart boom system and fault self-diagnosis technology, Mr. Flammea thought it would be the best pump to increase safety and productivity on site.

“I haven’t tried SANY machines before as the product hasn’t been introduced in Australia for long. It’s a state-of-the-art machine with the latest technology,” he says.

Using a tablet, the self-diagnostic system on the pump continually monitors nearly all aspects of the machine’s system during operation.

If any faults occur, they are displayed on the monitor enabling operators to quickly fix any issues and reduce downtime, though Mr. Flammea says he hasn’t experienced any faults.

This proves to be valuable as when working with quickly drying concrete, prompt fixes are essential.

“I’ve had it for just over a month and everything I have tried to do with it, I’ve had no issues,” he says.

The smart boom system is another important safety aspect of the SANY pump. The boom is operated by a handheld device that enables height and section operation limits to be set, avoiding collisions with overhead or onsite objects.

Mr. Flammea says power lines and other objects close by can be a challenge if the operator and machine are not aware of height restrictions.

The placement of the boom is then moved by an operator using the device by entering the desired directions on the device’s switchboard.

SANY’s boom is operated by a handheld device that enables height and section operation limits to be set.

“Operators love it. They say it is very easy to operate and I have noticed the boom moves really well under the amount of pressure that is required to pump. The hydraulic pumps have got a lot of power in them,” Mr. Flammea says.

Currently, the SANY pump at Boom Concrete Pumping is used for work in industrial areas, such as factory floors and concrete slabs, though it is easily scalable for infrastructure projects.

“The concrete is the same on big projects and the domestic sites. I don’t think there would be any problems scaling it up for use on large infrastructure projects at all,” Mr. Flammea says.

Depending on the size of the site, the SANY pump features flow control, enabling it to be set to pump as fast or slow as needed.

“You set the flow control to how fast you need the concrete to come out of the pipeline so it can do anything from block filling to slabs with ease,” Mr. Flammea says.

“Being new, it has a computer that does it all for you. When you push pump, it knows exactly what to do and it does it. It even has pressure measurement inbuilt to calculate the number of revolutions that are needed for the level of pressure.”

These technological solutions work together to simplify the operator’s job, so they can concentrate on ensuring the concrete is being poured correctly and efficiently.

Mr. Flammea says he wanted to try out the SANY pump and his strong relationship with Gough Industrial Solutions, which is newly owned by Sime Darby Motors, meant that he listened to their suggestions and opted for the new product.

“I currently own a few other pumps and I thought there was nothing to lose by trying a new brand,” he says.

Mr. Flammea says Gough is very good with spare parts and is always there on the same day if it’s needed.

“I used to shop around a little, but now you just can’t beat Gough for what they offer and I would recommend the machine to anyone. From what I have seen, it’s a really great machine for a variety of projects.

“Following the success of this SANY pump, we do have plans to buy more from Gough. We just want to give this pump a good trial. We will look at getting another SANY30 when we replace some other machines in another six months.”

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