Airport Central Station, Perth nears construction completion

Construction of the new Airport Central Station in Perth has reached 70 per cent completion.

Majority of the works at the site have been underground with significant excavation involved to build the three-level railway hub.

Above ground construction has now begun with the first step to start building the roof structure.

The first girders of the 137-tonne roof structure are being craned into place. The steel girders have been fabricated locally by Naval Base company Pacific Industrial Co.

Constructing the roof structure is expected to take three months. Then specially designed sheeting will be installed, which will help to reduce glare for pilots flying in and out of Perth Airport.

The 280 metre Skybridge between Airport Central Station and Perth Airport is also close to completion. The walkway features travelators and information screens and will provide a seamless connection between the station and Terminals One and Two.

TBM Sandy, the second TBM on the project is due to arrive at Bayswater Junction in the middle of the year and her arrival will mark the end of tunnelling on the project.

Once operational in late 2021 the Forrestfield-Airport Link will provide a 20-minute direct route between the eastern foothills and the CBD as well as the wider public transport network, via the airport.

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