Announcements for level crossing removals in Melbourne

The new Aviation Road bridge in Laverton is now open ahead of schedule as another level crossing plan is announced.

The Aviation Road bridge is the 30th level crossing removal to be completed in Melbourne, boosting safety and reliability for commuters in Melbourne’s west.

Hallam Road level crossing will be removed by building a rail bridge over the Pakenham line and local commuters will also receive a new Hallam Station.

Removing the level crossing will ease travel for the more than 20,000 vehicles travelling through the crossing each day.

The removal will provide a key connection with Hallam Road to the South Gippsland and Princes highways.

Minister for Transport Infrastructure Jacinta Allan said building the rail bridge will help to get people home sooner and safer.

“We’re removing 17 level crossings on the Pakenham line, transforming travel in the south-east,” she said.

Site investigations and engineering aseements found the rail bridge design was the best option to remove the level crossing.

Nine level crossings on the Pakenham line have already been removed with a further eight to go, making way for more train services at the delivery of the Metro Tunnel.

The upgrades will link the Cranbourne/Pakenham and Sunbury liens to add space for more than half a million extra trips on the network each week.

Early works on the Hallam level crossing are expected to commence in 2020, with the level crossing to be removed in 2022.

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