Astec MatManager provides array of data for pavers

Astec Australia is a company that is always looking at new ways to make paving more efficient and cost-effective. As well as the machines that do the work, there are other ways companies can save on time and money, including collected data and analysing how it can help a business grow.

One such product that is available through Astec is MatManager. It is a device that is loaded with a program that is designed to monitor all the key parameters of a paving project – it enables users to keep track of material consumption, document how many kilograms of material that has been laid per square metre, and also keep track of when workers have stopped, started and loaded new materials.

It also allows the user to export and save data that has been captured by the device. It is possible to deliver a hard copy printout of key data to prove that all specifications of the job have been met.

This information can also be exported electronically.It works by using as range of input sensors mounted on the asphalt paver, which are designed to measure and calculate the major paving parameters. This information is collected using the device’s interface box.

The system is continually collecting paving data, which is sent to a log file. This file can be used to further analyse the data using the MatWiser reporting system.

MatWiser is a web-based graphical reporting system that offers access, as well as a visual overview, of completed jobs, paver models and even the crew who completed the project. This is helpful because that it allows companies to create custom reports, which means different aspects of a job can be targeted when it comes to making improvements or finding specific information.

In addition to using the data for internal purposes, users can present the information to clients either by printing out a report, or sharing facts and figures via MatWiser.

Users can customise each project so it can be reviewed to validate various specifications of the job, such as how much material was used, how much area was covered and how many loads were received. It will even track the temperature of the material and where it was laid.

Finally, the MatWiser aspect of MatManager is a good tool to optimise good paving processes, such a reducing the number of starts and stops, keeping speed consistent, and adjusting the tamper RPM to achieve the best results.

Overall, MatManager is designed to make paving jobs easier by collecting data, which in the long term can be used to build in cost and time efficiencies that will help make a project run smoother.

Highlights include:

• Interface box that collects input from the sensors and sends data to the MatManager screen. It also holds all calibration data of the system.

• Sensors include a GPS, distance sensor, IR temperature sensor, weather station, vibration/tamper sensor, and a screed-width sensor.

• The MatManger screen offers visual presentation of data for the operator. From here, the operator can start a new job and add truck loads to the job.

• MatManager offers many data sets including paved distance and area, material consumption, planned material consumption, actual material consumption, material consumption per hour, graphical presentation of temperature and stops/loads, paving speed, tamper/vibration frequency, mat width, as well as weather data.

• Option to add IR camera.

• Visual map of temperature differences on the newly paved mat.

• Tool for operators and authorities to secure good praxis in paving.

• Document problem areas.

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