Australian CAV company fast tracking truck platooning technology

The Victorian Government is trialling the use of on-road speed limit projectors to warn drivers when they are exceeding the speed limit through construction zones.Ahead of the 4th International Driverless Vehicle Summit, Australia & New Zealand Driverless Vehicle Initiative partner Cohda Wireless is applying its technology to develop an advanced truck platooning solution.

With its headquarters in Australia Cohda Wireless creates Connected Autonomous Vehicle (CAV) technology to connect vehicles, infrastructure and pedestrians.

With the millions of heavy vehicles on Australian roads, Cohda Wireless will start to apply its CAV technology to develop an advanced truck platooning solution.

Truck platooning is the linking of two or more trucks in convoy using CAV technology. The trucks automatically maintain a set close distance, the truck at the head of the platton leads with the vehicles behind mimicking its movements.

Cohda Wireless believe this technology may shape the introduction of truck platooning standards globally. The ENSEMBLE project in Europe is also developing standards.

A challenge observed by Cohda Wireless is that platooning solutions have been exclusively reliant on sensor technology, which the company limits robustness.

Cohda Wireless is conducting trials involving the integration of its CAV technology to the ENSEMBLE platooning software stack which already enables a range of benefits.

The ENSEMBLE software allows trucks to drive autonomously in a platoon incorporating gap management of five metres at 95 kilometres per hour, it also allows trucks to join and leave the platoon without disrupting the system, among other benefits.

Dr Paul Alexander, Chief Technical Officer at Cohda Wireless, said that his company is fast-tracking the development of the platooning solution, which is in several ways, unique.

“We are developing a robust solution that can accommodate departures and intruders,” Dr. Alexander said.

Dr. Alexander will present this year at the 4th International Driverless Vehicle Summit in Sydney.

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