Australian Tunnelling Conference

The 16th Australian Tunnelling Conference will take place on 14-15 October 2019 at the Aerial UTS Function Centre in Sydney.

This year the conference will focus on promoting best practice in tunnel design, construction and maintenance.

With a comprehensive, two-day agenda, the Conference will overview current and future tunnelling projects, discuss the latest industry developments, and hear from those at the forefront of the most recent Australasian and global tunnelling projects.

Some of the projects that will be covered include the Westconnex tunnels, Melbourne Metro Tunnel, Cross River Rail and the Brenner Tunnel.

Supported by the Australasian Tunnelling Society, the leading industry gathering will bring together tunnelling leaders, engineers, and industry experts to share best practice ideas in tunnelling design, construction, safety, and maintenance.

Attendees will hear from Ed Taylor, the president of the Australian Tunneling society, Matt Morgan from Transurban who is working on the WestConnex, Jeremy Kruger from the Cross River Rail Delivery Authority, Paul Thomas from Rail Projects Victoria and many more industry experts.

The conference is also set to feature international case studies. From Singapore to the United Kingdom, international knowledge will be shared with attendees to inform and accelerate the industry.

Panel discussions will involve the audience looking at Tunneling labour shortages and collaborative approaches to tunnel construction.

The information shared alongside the technology demonstrations and opportunities to network at the conference aims to bring industry together and help all involved to prepare for the future.

For more information, download the Conference brochure.

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