Austroads publishes new bridge asset management guidelines

Image courtesy of Austroads.

A new guideline for the asset management of road bridges has been published by Austroads to promote an engineering approach to bridge management.

The approach uses engineering principles, knowledge, experience and modelling tools as a robust method to understand the current and future condition and needs of  bridge networks.

Across Australia and New Zealand the public road networks feature 70,000 bridges.

Ross Guppy, Austroads Transport Infrastructure Program Manager said that while there are many asset management documents, they are often generic and are not easily applied to specific assets.

“The Austroads guidelines build on foundational documents, such as ISO 550000 and the International Infrastructure Management Manual, to ensure the specific characteristics and unique needs of bridges are considered over their lifecycle,” Guppy said.

“The guideline defines best practice asset management for bridges, providing a transparent link between investment and outcomes. It defines a specific and detailed asset management framework for bridges underpinned by risk management protocols in keeping with ISO 31000.”

The guideline also promotes the concept of formally measuring asset management performance to differentiate success from failure; demonstrate results that illustrate accountability to customers and stakeholders; and identify gaps or needs that can justify funding.

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