Austroads publishes pavement findings

Austroads has published research which aims to identify opportunities to improve design procedures of Australian road construction.

In 2019 a new procedure was introduced for determining the thicknesses of structural treatments used to rectify structural deficiencies of pavement.

Ross Guppy, Austroads Transport Infrastructure Program Manager says the findings will help to improve the standards and quality of Australian pavement.

“Improved pavement rehabilitation design approaches will support Austroads’ member organisations to deliver an improved road transport network across Australasia,” Guppy said.

The research identified two primary areas for improvement. This first is to develop processes that can identify damage to pavement materials.

The second is to develop a method to design asphalt against cracking.

Didier Bodin, Principal Pavement Research Engineer at ARRB Group said the report provides a resource for future improvement.

“The design procedure could be improved to support the design of treatments that inhibit fatigue cracking of existing pavement layers,” Bodin said. “This work could result in cost-effective treatment alternatives.”

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