Austroads publishes safety infrastructure paper

Peak organisation of Australasian road transport and traffic agencies Austroads has published a report on the management of safety infrastructure assets such as safety barriers and safety fences.

The report considers ways to mitigate risks to road users and maximise the level of service at a minimum life-cycle cost.

In recent years the value, operational costs and significance of non-pavement road-related assets have been recognised, along with the need to provide more guidance on their management, according to Austroads.

The report provides detailed guidance to help road authorities develop strategies and procedures to better manage roadside assets while considering their own needs and conditions. It covers amenity, safety, environmental management and the identification of service standards for asset management practitioners.

The high costs of managing roadside assets are related to the variety of infrastructure and the multiplicity of roadside management objectives which include preserving the safety and movement function of the roadway, environmental protection, fire management, urban and landscape design, and effective drainage.

A template for an asset management strategy for safety infrastructure is included which focuses on achieving a well-defined and broadly accepted level of service, recognising and managing risks to road users and assets, and using whole-of-life costs.

Performance monitoring, review and feedback processes are also suggested to identify improvements in the planning process.

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