Bridge modelling, analysis and design with Bentley Systems

With an increasing portfolio of major infrastructure projects across Australia, Bentley is detailing its OpenBridge software in a webinar.

This software is a dedicated bridge solution with the ability to efficiently and effectively integrate and interoperate within a digital engineering workflow.

When creating OpenBridge, Bentley identified two challenges for bridge designers, the first being communication between platforms and designers and the second being documentation management.

To address these issues all Bentley products are launched from a common platform and allow live references through a connected data environment to ensure all involved are working on the right version and the correct data is stored.

OpenBridge enables the creation of a digital twin through the use of Building Information Modelling, which is growing in popularity throughout the industry.

This allows an integrated workflow flow of information, which is smooth through each phase of a project’s life, without any loss in information.

Integrated workflow starts with creating the 3D modelling of a bridge, which is an exact replica of the structure. On this model each element has its own physical properties making it true physical twin. Each piece of the information in the 3D model is referenced and can be extracted for analysis.

At its heart Bentley OpenBridge creates a full 3D, parametric, intelligent bridge model based on civil data which can be used for analysis, solid modelling, drawing generation and detailing.

In the Bentley webinar Jean-Pierre Chanard, a structural engineer specialising in bridge analysis and design, runs through each aspect of the OpenBridge solution, creating a basic bridge model from scratch.

If you are a bridge engineer, designer or modeller looking to better model, analyse and design your bridge structures within a single, built from the ground-up dedicated multi-discipline bridge environment, this webinar is for you.

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