Can you afford to not train staff?

Civil Contractors Federation Victoria looks at the obstacles to meeting the rising demand in civil infrastructure, and how its training division – Civil Train – is providing the skills and expertise to rise to the challenge.It’s not a question of whether a company should train their staff – the real question is can a company afford not to train their staff? Any training is useful, but not all training is effective.

The benefits for staff and the organisation after completing any type of training are elements a business needs to consider when investing in such courses.

Civil Contractors Federation (CCF) Victoria is committed to building the capacity and capability in the civil construction industry to meet the critical infrastructure needs for Victoria through collaborative partnerships and the delivery of market leading training and apprenticeship programs. Workforce planning and staff development are critical to its success.

Workforce planning and the skills gap

Workforce planning and development in the civil construction environment has been impaired due to the lack of forward planning and budgeting in infrastructure, procurement and procurement policies. As such, the inconsistency and lack of rolling capital works programs has impacted negatively on training and employment in civil construction.

Where there is no meaningful reward for training, employers see little incentive to train.

Civil constructions capability and capacity for workforce planning

With an increase in government spending on infrastructure in Victoria, comes the need to ensure all employees have the right skills and qualifications to not only meet the government and contract requirements, but to ensure the longevity of employees in the industry.

The people in any business need to learn new skills if they’re to become the future leaders in an organisation. The more skills employees have, the more efficient and effective the workforce becomes, making fewer mistakes and getting more done faster.

Someone with diverse skills can do lots of different tasks and move more easily into other roles. These effects all add up to the same result – a measurable increase in productivity and profitability.

The ageing workforce and new employees

It is estimated that around 45 per cent of the workforce is over 45 years of age with approximately 20 per cent being over 55. Therefore, the need to increase the capacity of the workforce requires businesses to identify where they can assist in employing new entrants to the civil construction Industry.

Whether it is a small or large business, employing an apprentice adds value. For an employer who employs a new person into an apprenticeship, there are incentives and benefits for the business.

The employer, for instance, can receive up to $4000 in incentives for a new apprentice on a three-month probation period.

WorkCover exemptions for the employee undertaking an apprenticeship or traineeship, up to a wage level of $42,500, are only part payable for anything over the amount. This affords the employer substantial savings, especially in the civil construction area.

The cost of any training delivered to the staff can be also claimed back on tax by the company at the end of the financial year.

Finally, the Certificate III in Civil Construction – General is also an apprentice level qualification funded under the Victorian Training Guarantee for eligible persons.

What this means to a civil contractor who employees an apprentice is the employment costs and fees for training can be offset by current incentives. All it requires is the commitment to employ and retain a new entrant into civil construction.

Using Civil Train to train your apprentice

Civil Train is a leading Victorian organisation in delivering training to the civil construction industry. As a Registered Training Organisation and the training division of CCF Victoria, Civil Train is well positioned to provide high-quality, industry specific training solutions to civil contractors throughout the state.

Check out the range of courses available specifically for developing civil industry skills and delivered by Civil Train Victoria at

Make a commitment and maximise the opportunity to employ an apprentice for the future of the industry. Email Faye Doherty at Civil Train or call
(03) 9822 0900 to discuss the possibilities.

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