Chief Executive of Austroads retires

Nick Koukoulas, Austroads former CEO.

Nick Koukoulas, Chief Executive of Austroads since November 2014, has retired with his last day of service being 15 April 2020.

Mr. Koukoulas said it has been a great five and a half years participating in an organisation that has grown and matured to be one of the most respected bodies of our type.

“We are lucky to have had great people in our Programs and in NEVDIS as well as TCA. I thank everyone for making my job easier and truly successful.”

The Austroads Board acknowledged Nick’s leadership in moulding business units and program areas into focused teams. The board stated in its April communique that his leadership in commercialisation of NEVDIS and the acquisition of TCA by Austroads was outstanding.

Mr. Koukoulas has played a large role in enhancing Austroads’ business partnerships to promote improved Australian and New Zealand transport outcomes, expert technical input to national policy development on road and transport issues, improved practice and capability by road agencies and consistency in road and road agency operations.

“The legacy I am leaving behind gives me great comfort that the business units are now resilient and on track to deliver to the Board and our members some terrific outcomes,” Mr. Koukoulas said.

Dr. Geoff Allan, Austroads’ Chief Operating Officer, will be Acting Chief Executive until a new appointee has been recruited.

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