Civil firm goes above and beyond with SANY pumps

To compete in Melbourne’s growing apartment building industry, B&A Concrete Pumping purchased three new concrete pumps from Gough Industrial Solutions.To compete in Melbourne’s growing apartment building industry, B&A Concrete Pumping purchased three new concrete pumps from Gough Industrial Solutions.

B&A Concrete Pumping handles commercial and domestic concrete pumping for some of Melbourne’s largest building companies.

To support the city’s apartment boom, the company required an additional tool in its fleet.

The Victoria-based company has a fleet of 16 trucks that pump concrete commercial and residential buildings, but earlier in 2018, began feeling the need to upgrade to keep pace with demands from the company’s clients.

Director Adam Anagnostiadis says Melbourne is an evolving city, with suburbs that are getting tighter and taller every year. “The industry has changed in the last five years. Companies are looking for contractors that have the right tools to help them achieve their specific goals. If you have the pumps that are able to reach higher and pump faster, it’s more likely you’ll get the job,” he says. “The need to have the right pumps for the job was more becoming more apparent as newer, more compact machines were reaching the market with longer booms. We needed pumps that could handle getting into tight spots but also could reach buildings that were four to six storeys off the ground.”

Mr. Anagnostiadis wanted to keep up with the changing technology and started to look into upgrading his fleet. He began researching the market and heard about pumps designed by Chinese company SANY, which were being distributed through Gough Industrial Solutions.

“I first heard about SANY from Gough, who actually flew me out to New Zealand to see one in action,” he explains.

“Technologically, the SANY pumps looked up there with the best and I was blown away by the finish and design of the machine. I actually pulled aside the owner of the machine to ask them if there were any issues with the pumps.”

In 2012, SANY acquired full ownership of German conglomerate Putzmeister. SANY concrete pumps have benefited through the ownership by utilising the key quality and integrated Sino-Germany technology.

“The owner said they had were extremely satisfied with the pumps’ performance and the service they had received from Gough,” Mr. Anagnostiadis says.

B&A Concrete Pumping purchased three SANY pumps, a line pump and a 25-metre and 49-metre boom pump, which brings the total number of machines in its fleet to 17.

The line pump uses self-regulating engine speed technology to save up to 20 per cent on fuel and all the pumps come equipped with a fault diagnostic system, which aims to reduce troubleshooting time by 70 per cent. A smart control panel and an onboard database which contains the pumping algorithm aims to provide improved performance and faster operations.

To compete in Melbourne’s growing apartment building industry, B&A Concrete Pumping purchased three new concrete pumps from Gough Industrial Solutions.The pumps are also equipped with a stability system, which allows for precise positioning of the end hose and stops the boom from being opened or extend beyond a certain point if the outriggers aren’t correctly positioned. Mr. Anagnostiadis says there are a wide array of sensors that provide critical safety information for his employees.

“Safety is everything in this industry. Within a split second someone can get injured, so the sensors and other safety features help to eliminate human error from the equation,” he says.

SANY pumps are currently being used around the world, including in Dubai where it is not uncommon to see temperatures over 45 degrees Celsius.

Mr. Anagnostiadis was impressed by their performance overseas and says that their ability to handle the heat is a benefit in Australia.

“Everything about them is proven in conditions significantly more extreme than down in Melbourne. Having that durability will be important, especially because the weather can quickly turn from a brisk morning to a sweltering afternoon in a matter of minutes down here,” he says.

One of the key purchasing decisions was the stellar after-sales support that Mr. Anagnostiadis says he received.

“SANY is looking to be a big player in the Australian market, and to do that, you need excellent customer service,” he explains.

“After-sales support is everything, especially because the technology now is very electronic as opposed to mechanical. Often there can be an issue with the software or the computer, which can be difficult to diagnose. In those situations, you need the company behind you to help.

“The support we’ve had from the Gough group is incredible. I did some research into the company and looked around to see what work they’ve done in other industries, and their backup and service is highly regarded,” Mr Anagnostiadis says.

To make sure B&A Concrete Pumping is well equipped with the new machines, the SANY group will also be offering the company a training day, sending staff from Melbourne to China to learn the ins and outs of the system and its software.

“SANY is also going to bring someone down to Australia to provide us product training on optimum operation and safety features with the equipment,” Mr Anagnostiadis adds. “We’re looking forward to working with the new pumps soon and hope the relationship becomes even stronger. We could even end up with a full fleet of their products.”

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