Community consultation open for WA’s Swan River Crossing

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The next stage of the Swan River Crossings Project in Western Australia is underway, with feedback encouraged from the surrounding Fremantle community and businesses on the new bridge’s alignment.

Soon to replace the Fremantle Traffic Bridge, the Swan River Crossing Project will increase vehicle and freight rail capacity while improving the safety for both bridge and river users.

New cycling and pedestrian facilities will also be installed with the state and federal government each contributing $115 million towards the project.

According to Paul Fletcher, Federal Minister for Communications, Urban Infrastructure, Cities and the Arts, funding from the federal government has accelerated the project with construction estimated to begin in late 2021.

“This project is a great example of our government’s $110 billion, ten-year infrastructure pipeline delivering positive outcomes for Western Australians,” said Fletcher.

The initial plan for the crossing was to be placed to the east of the Fremantle Traffic bridge, however, local feedback has changed this with alternate locations being assessed. This includes examining existing roads and rail bridges.

“Fremantle is a highly engaged community who are keen to actively work with the alliance team to get the best outcomes for the Swan River Crossings Project,” said Rita Saffioti, Western Australian Minister for Transport. “Continuing the momentum of community and stakeholder consultation will be a priority as the alliance team moves through development and design.”

Pop-ups, webinars and an interactive online platform will be available for information and feedback on the crossing’s alignment with the construction team assessing locations across Fremantle in the coming weeks.

Once this alignment has been decided, the community will be further asked for input into the design of the bridge with workshops held to discuss priorities such as heritage interpretation, bridge aesthetics and pedestrian and cycling paths.

“The Swan River Crossings Project is one of the most complex, challenging and exciting projects we are undertaking in the metropolitan area right now – road, rail, port, freight, river, walking, cycling, heritage, environment are all in the mix,” said Saffioti.

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