Construction of the Richmond Road masterplan is underway

Works on the Richmond Road masterplan are underway to build a new link road connecting Richmond Road to the Tasman Highway Acton Interchange.

The works are expected to provide a more efficient route that avoids Cambridge Village and the busy junction of Richmond and Cambridge Road.

Safety upgrades on 3.2 kilometres of Richmond Road between the University of Tasmania Farm and Malcolm’s Hut Road will also be included in this package of works, alongside an upgrade to Boyes Street Junction.

The Richmond Road Masterplan is being delivered in eight sections and will provide a safer and more consistent road environment along the 10.6 kilometre stretch from Cambridge to Richmond.

Wider lanes, sealed shoulders, improved road alignment, junction upgrades and slow vehicles turnouts are also included in the masterplan.

Upgrades come as part of the state government’s $3.7 billion investment in the infrastructure program to ensure strong economic momentum and the creation of a further 10,000 jobs over the next four years.

The new Cambridge Link Road is due to be completed by mid-2020, weather permitting.

Planning for the final sections is underway for upgrades on two sections of Richmond Road between Malcolms Hut Road and Grasstree Hill intersection.

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