Contractor starts two projects for Great Northern Highway

The $80 million project to upgrade a section of the New England Highway at Bolivia Hill, including widening and construction of a 320-metre-long bridge, is now underway.Upgrade projects at Walebing and Wubin have commenced as part of the Great Northern Highway upgrades.

Central Earthmoving are contracted to deliver this latest package of works, as part of the upgrades between Muchea and Wubin, expected to be complete by mid-2020.

The works include the construction of 4.5 kilometres of new highway through Walebing including upgrades at the intersections at Midlands Road and Old Geraldton Road.

The new highway will have an improved alignment replacing the existing, tight low-speed curve and making that intersection safer and easier to traverse.

In Wubin, widening works at the intersection with Mullewa-Wuin Road and upgrades around the Road Train Assembly area will improve access for future 53.5 metre road trains.

An incentivised Aboriginal participation scheme has been included in the contract to encourage the employment of Aboriginal people and the use of Aboriginal businesses.

It is anticipated up to 12 per cent of the contract value will be spent using Aboriginal businesses.

Construction works are also underway north of Muchea to upgrade another 12.5 km of GNH, providing a smooth transition into the NorthLink WA upgrades.

The federal ($275.8 million) and state ($68.95 million) governments have committed a total of $344.75 million for the upgrades on this 218 km section of highway.

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