Contractors reach milestone at $542.4M Bell to Moreland project

Image courtesy of the Level Crossing Removal Project.

The contracted alliance on the Bell to Moreland level crossing removal project has installed all of the L-Beams for the elevated rail structure.

Recently the closure of Coburg’s Bell Street allowed the John Holland, Kellogg Brown, Root and Metro Trains Melbourne teams to install the bridge beams over the road.

The bridge beams will make up the 2.5 kilometres of elevated rail on the project which will see four level crossings removed and two new stations built at Coburg and Moreland.

Now the last L-Beam is in place the concrete sections of the elevated rail line are complete and work will soon begin to lay ballast, sleepers and the rail track.

Each L-Beam segment weighs around 110 tonnes. Two custom built gantry cranes were imported from the US to help place the beams and build the rail line.

From mid-November trains are expected to return to the Upfield Line with all four level crossings removed.

Restoration works have also begun on the heritage buildings at Coburg and Moreland stations. Teams will restore the doors, windows, roofing, chimneys, brick facades and building interiors. The stations are expected to open again in December.

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