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Australian Asphalt Pavement Association provides details of its new partnership with LTT Group to scope and customise the MSL40118 Certificate IV in Laboratory Techniques.

With the rise in infrastructure works across Australia contributing to a sharp increase in demand for the asphalt industry, the need for thorough testing and comprehensive quality control is greater than ever before.

Historically, the training needs of Australia’s growing asphalt and flexible pavement sector has not been addressed, leaving employers calling out for a tailored laboratory training solution to more effectively manage risk, bolster safety and avoid costly errors.

In particular, members of Australian Asphalt Pavement Association (AAPA) – Australia’s pre-eminent asphalt industry body – have reiterated the failure of laboratory operations training packages to adequately address the central components of the trade, including the sampling, handling, grading, testing and measurement of asphalt and related products.

In an effort to redress the situation, AAPA approached LTT Group, a specialist training organisation in the laboratory space, to scope and customise the MSL40118 Certificate IV in Laboratory Techniques – a widely applicable qualification for the industry.

The project was embarked upon with the following aims:

• To use the partnership as an opportunity for industry to have input on a niche qualification that is normally either not fully customised or economically viable to customise for each cohort

• To enhance the quality of lab tests across multiple sites upon successful rollout of the qualification

• To allow for consistent reporting to VicRoads and other large project managers

• To benefit the industry as a whole, and contribute to the construction of safe and sustainable future roads

• To ensure that AAPA’s members are kept up-to-date with the changing industry landscape.

The result: a custom-built solution for the asphalt industry.

As part of the joint undertaking, AAPA members were able to contribute and subsequently endorse the training product.

LTT Group’s MSL40118 Certificate IV in Laboratory Techniques with a specialisation in construction materials testing is a nationally recognised qualification that covers the skills and knowledge required to perform a range of laboratory techniques to conduct sampling and tests in the asphalt industry.

LTT Group works in strategic partnerships with key industry bodies to develop scalable training models supporting and progressing business growth. The training is designed to help develop a smarter, more engaged workforce, increasing staff retention and efficacy.

Using applied research to solve real world industry and business productivity challenges, LTT Group facilitates the translation of technical excellence into practical outcomes.

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