Design contract awarded for Western Sydney transit link

Image by Beca.

Liverpool City Council has selected Beca to develop a strategic concept design for the Fifteenth Avenue Smart Transit (FAST) Corridor.

The corridor will link Liverpool CBD to the new Western Sydney International Airport.

The upgrade will see improvements to public transport, walking, cycling and vehicle routes by providing a fast, efficient transport option between Liverpool and the airport.

The low emissions transport connection is also expected to result in wider community benefits by supporting Sydney’s growing population in a sustainable way, promoting a ’30-minute city’.

The corridor design will be ‘place-led’ with a transit-oriented development approach to delivering great places, facilitating growth and promoting social equity. It will also be a green corridor, addressing heat island effects through design and providing active cooling of the environment.

Beca will provide transport planning and a multi-criteria options assessment to determine a preferred design option for the corridor. It will work closely with council and stakeholders for phase one.

Phase two will see Beca’s development of the preferred option which will be accompanied by an environmental assessment and strategic business case.

Chris Morley, Beca Principal of Transportation said a stronger focus on providing communities in Sydney’s south west with greater transport choice, connectivity, capacity and active mode access is the key to an integrated transport future.

“We’re working closely with our client to mobilise a team of Beca people with a deep knowledge of innovative rapid transit systems and a successful track record in delivering road upgrade designs.”

Liverpool Mayor Wendy Waller said the strategic concept design for the FAST Corridor was crucial for its future success.

“Council is very excited to be partnering with Beca on this very important planning phase for what will be a powerful transport spine linking workers and commuters to Western Sydney International through smart vehicle technology,” Ms. Waller said.

Beca will be supported throughout the project by its strategic partners Group GSA (urban and landscape designers) and AT&L (highway engineers).

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