Elevated rail the preferred option for level crossings on the Armadale Line

METRONET has announced elevated rail is the preferred option for removing up to five level crossings on the Armadale Line in WA.

This decision was informed by extensive early investigations and the examples of elevated rail projects which have been successful in other states.

With upgrades to the Armadale Line, METRONET has highlighted safer and easier solutions will be possible for up to six level crossings on the inner Armadale Line at Mint Street, Oats Street, Welshpool Road, Hamilton Street, Wharf Street and William Street.

An alternative option of closure is also being considered at Wharf Street and at Hamilton Street, land has been reserved on either side of the railway and a road over rail solution is preferred. Two options are being considered for Wharf Street, closing the crossing or elevating the rail.

As much as 2.8 kilometres of elevated rail could be laid along the inner Armadale Line, providing more opportunities for pedestrians, cyclists and motorists to safely cross the rail corridor while also creating safer roads, quieter neighbourhoods and new connections between communities.

Premier Mark McGowan said this plan will transform the Armadale Line as we know it, setting it up for the next 100 years and creating more liveable and vibrant communities linked to METRONET.

“This year alone we will have seven METRONET projects under construction, supporting and creating local jobs and providing a pipeline of work for local businesses.”

METRONET pointed out elevated rail is not common in Perth but examples from Victoria and elsewhere have successfully created interesting and versatile new public spaces for the community.

The elevated solutions will result in Carlisle, Oats Street, Beckenham, and potentially Queens Park stations being rebuilt, providing the opportunity to modernise stations with more facilities to better meet passenger needs. Due to low patronage, Welshpool Station will close, and the new Oats Street Station will service the Welshpool area.

This project comes in addition to the removal of the Deny Avenue crossing on the Armadale Line in Kelmscott, for which early works are underway.

As significant elements of the project are yet to be confirmed such as additional connections, potential uses for the spaces under the rail and overall project design, METRONET is encouraging the community to get involved as planning progresses.

Mr. McGowan said there are plenty of opportunities for the community to get involved in these projects and so encouraged people to have their say.

Online information sessions will be held through Zoom on July 2 and July 9 at 6.30pm, community members can register to attend on METRONET’s website.

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