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John Deere’s latest range of excavators are now available to be put to work in Australia. The E210, E210LC, E230LC, E240, E240LC, E260LC, E330LC, E360, E380LC, and E400LC excavators all provide generous muscle for mass excavation.

With infrastructure poised as one of the sectors ready to help the Australian economy recover from the economic effects of COVID-19, new projects are being announced almost daily.

The Federal Government has a $100 billion dollar pipeline of projects and in April 2020 Infrastructure, Transport & Regional Development Minister Michael McCormack said there were 3500 federally funded projects underway.

As these projects get underway, reliable, durable and strong machinery will be required to ensure that contractors can deliver these projects on time.

John Deere has just released its latest range of excavators the E210, E210LC, E230LC, E240, E240LC, E260LC, E330LC, E360, E380LC, and E400LC in Australia and these are expected to aid in projects large and small.

Each excavator features a Deere PowerTech Plus engine which works to deliver fuel efficiency and is fully integrated with John Deere’s Intelligent Hydraulic (JD-IHC) system to help provide a fast, smooth response.

Building on the strength of John Deere excavators, this range does not compromise on smooth control and multifunction capability that have become features of John Deere excavators.

For the operator, a redesigned cab presents new ergonomic automotive-quality styling, a new touch-screen monitor, and intuitive controls.

Expanded bucket options and additional auxiliary hydraulic lines also allow operators to power a wide array of attachments.

Jeff Kraft, Managing Director for Asia Pacific and Africa at John Deere Construction and Forestry, says this series of excavators are powerful and productive, yet efficient and easy to run, helping many projects to achieve their full potential.

“Our excavators are built tough to deliver excellent uptime, with heavy-duty booms and arms, a robust electrical system, optimised hydraulic routing, and other features driven by customer feedback and inspiration,” Mr. Kraft says.

The undercarriage of the excavators is sealed and lubricated to prevent wear. Each machine also features a heavy-duty welded X-frame to provide a solid and stable platform.

Sloped track frames on the excavators help to resist material build up to decrease cleaning time at the beginning and end of each day’s work. A cooling system is featured in the machine, which works to keep the engine and hydraulic system running efficiently through a wide range of environments.

Contractors can also choose full-length track guides and double-grouser track shoes an option when using excavators for use in rocky or mountainous terrain.

“John Deere excavators deliver on endurance and serviceability. The heavy-duty arm and boom are durably built for long life even in severe applications,” Mr. Kraft says.

The arm is protected by steel ribs from material damage when it is loading a curling bucket. Steel Collars also guard any grease points to shield these in tough environments.

As an option, contractors can choose to have extra side bumpers on two sides of the upper frame. On heavy duty models this bumper will protect the machine from damage on crowded job sites where productivity is essential.

“For simplicity when repairing or upgrading the machine there are fewer wires than previous models, fewer mechanical relays and a smaller number of electrical connectors.” Mr. Kraft says.

This was enabled through the design of the system architecture which centred around direct connections and also by using solid-state electronics.

Mr. Kraft says the spacious operating station, featured in the new John Deere excavators, is designed with convenience in mind, boasting new eye-catching automotive-styling quality.

“Ergonomically placed controls, an automatic temperature control system, and ample storage help operators stay comfortable and productive all day,” he says.

John Deere have also included a new seven-inch touch-screen monitor, to enable operators to have quick access to all the machine features and functions.

The excavators in the range are supported by a national dealer service and parts network, with parts distribution across Australia.

“John Deere has a reputation globally for dependable quality, proven reliability, outstanding durability, and strong performance. And now excavators designed, built, and backed by John Deere are available in Australia,” Mr. Kraft says.

John Deere has a full range of excavators from 1.8 metres to 40 metres.

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