Glenroy Crossing’s nine day rail blitz

The Glenroy Level Crossing Removal Project courtesy of Level Crossing Removal Project.

Crews working on the Glenroy Level Crossing were able to complete works inside the rail corridor in just nine days, finishing on 16 of April.

Completion of this section of the rail corridor has moved the overall new rail corridor project to 16 per cent complete.

Working around the clock, more than 300 workers excavated a section of the trench with 4000 new concrete sleepers being installed.

These sleepers replaced the three kilometres of rail track between Waterloo Road and Electric Street with trucks entering and exiting the site every five minutes to deliver and remove materials.

A total of 400 truck loads delivered 4500 tonnes of new ballast that formed sections of the new rail track which will realign with the old track.

At the old Hartington Street car park, crews stabilised and concreted the trench walls while establishing foundations for the new Glenroy Station concourse which forms part of the level crossing removal project.

Works on the new station will begin in the coming months.

Once the station is completed, pedestrians will be able to cross the train line at ground level which will connect Post Office Place and Harrington Street. This will be the first time in over 100 years that the two streets meet.

Construction will continue outside the rail corridor with excavation on the rail trench expected to continue until October, 2021. Completion of the level crossing removal project and new Glenroy Station is predicted by late 2022.

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