Infrastructure for the future – Dalrymple Road bridges

National Precast member Humes has helped deliver an important bridge project aimed at mitigating the impact of flooding on one of Townsville’s main roadsAn important precast infrastructure project in the North Queensland city of Townsville has delivered better access and improved safety for both its residents and visitors.

Dalrymple Road is one of the main roads linking Townsville’s central business district with the fast-growing Northern Beaches community, the Bruce Highway and the Townsville Ring Road.

During the wet season, the old low-level causeway was susceptible to flooding. It would often be inundated with water, causing road closures and frustrating traffic delays. That affected thousands of people in Townsville, trying to get to work every day from north to west. During the wet season, the crossing was typically flooded for up to 42 days.

Precast plays key role in solving flooding problems

To alleviate the problem, Townsville City Council engaged BMD Constructions for a $40 million upgrade. The upgrade included the construction of two new bridges at the Dalrymple Road causeway, designed to withstand a one in 50 year flood event.

Understanding that precast would offer a long lasting, speedy and high quality solution, National Precast member Humes was contracted to deliver a timely and cost-effective prestressed solution for the two new bridges.

Piles, decks, culverts and slabs

The first bridge involved the supply of 98 prestressed piles and
205 prestressed decks (five spans). For the overflow channel bridge crossing, the precaster supplied 111 prestressed piles and 246 prestressed deck units (six spans). The company also supplied 39 large box culverts and 26 slab units for the project.

Two factories meet project program

In order to meet the project’s tight production timeframe ahead of the 2015-16 wet season, Humes used its manufacturing facilities in both Townsville and Rockhampton. With each unit built to unique specifications, the supply of products from two factories required thorough planning and coordination.

Ahead of schedule and under budget

The Dalrymple Road Bridge project was completed two months ahead of schedule, under budget and to an impressive standard.

The bridges are now open and will deliver vital flood-mitigation infrastructure to withstand any environmental impacts for a century. Importantly for the local community, these two new bridges have made a huge difference in the day-to-day lives of Townsville residents.

Precaster: Humes

Builder: BMD Constructions

Client: Townsville City Council

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