Investing in sustainable lighting technology

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Coates Hire has announced they are investing in a small fleet of solar lighting towers as part of their ongoing commitment to provide sustainable equipment solutions.

The company aims to meet the diverse, changing needs of Australian customers by investing in SMC TL55 lights, which are ideal for construction and infrastructure projects.

According to Andy Boehm, Coates Hire’s National Product Manager for Lighting, Coates Hire is responding to demand from customers, who have to meet emissions requirements.

To deliver major infrastructure projects, companies are often required to prove they are making sustainable choices, and this includes through their hire equipment.

“Solar lighting is a relatively straightforward way to make a difference,” he says.

What are SMC TL55 solar lights?

SMC TL55 solar lights are mobile lights that produce zero emissions, zero noise and require zero fuel. Powered by four 60W LED lamps that emit 32,000 lumens, the lighting towers can be deployed by one person and feature wind down legs for increased stability. This means they are manoeuvrable, robust and reliable.

Reliability was a key consideration for Coates Hire when deciding to add this particular product to their lighting equipment fleet.

With both battery and mains supply provision, the SMC TL55 offers an indefinite run time from solar power and up to 500 hours run time from battery only. The solar lighting towers can last up to 8 times longer than an engine hybrid model.

“Brightness, or luminosity, and operator safety are other important factors,” Andy says.

While this type of solar lighting won’t work for all customers or projects, it is an efficient solution for those that can utilise the technology. It is also one of the most cost-effective lighting solutions on the market.

Starting small on a big investment

Coates Hire trialled a number of solutions before deciding on the SMC TL55 system. Starting with just 24 solar light units in a fleet of over 4,000 light towers, the company is taking a conservative approach to the trial.

Andy says smaller investments make more sense when the technology is still so new.

“If we invest too heavily in current technology, our fleet could very quickly become obsolete and would no longer offer value to our customers,” he says.

The technology is expected to advance quickly, particularly as lithium battery and hydrogen technology improves.

“We plan to watch this space very closely,” he adds.

It’s not just lighting

Coates Hire has also been working with customers to reduce emissions and promote better environmental practices in more than just lighting, particularly in the construction and mining industries.

From improving machinery maintenance and increased efficiency of transport activities to sustainable site accommodation solutions, the company is working closely to achieve the right outcomes for their clients and the environment.

To find out more about solar lighting solutions, you can get in touch with the team at Coates Hire.

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