IPWEA announces new Chief Executive Officer

The IPWEA Board has announced David Jenkins, formerly of CPA Australia and New Zealand, as the new Chief Executive Officer.

David will join the organisation in early December 2019, following more than ten years’ experience at CPA.

Most recently his role was General Manager of New South Wales and Oceania Strategic Regional Manager.

David’s strategic acumen has also contributed to his many Board positions, including the Community of Finance Professionals in NSW Local Government and the University of the South Pacific.

A CEO recruitment process was initiated by the IPWEA Board following the departure of Cathy Morcom in late October.

IPWEA President, Mat Greskie acknowledged the organisational changes of the last year and extended thanks to all staff for their ongoing professionalism and focus.

“Mr Jenkins has a strong track-record of developing teams to improve member satisfaction and growth. The IPWEA Board welcomes his appointment as a positive and important step forward for our organisation,” Mr. Greskie said.

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