IPWEA’s new president set to start in February

Image courtesy of IPWEA

Rita Excell will step into the role of IPWEA president in February this year following two years as Vice President of the organisation.

A civil engineer trained at the University of South Australia and the South Australian Institute of Technology, Ms. Excel began her career in local government.

In a statement in ‘Inspire’, the organisations magazine, Ms. Excell said she was honoured to be appointed as President-elect last year.

She said she intends to work together with Vice President-elect Myles Lind to bring a collaborative approach to their new roles this year.

In the statement Ms. Excell reflected on her early time at IPWEA, being mentored by long-service IPWEA members Barry Hagan and Walter Iasiello, recognising how important it was to have supportive managers and welcoming members.

Ms. Excell said she will have big shoes to fill, following Mat Greskie’s term as president.

“He has brought strong structure to our meetings, with fair opportunities to share diverse opinions and has made tough decisions in the best interests of IPWEA members and staff,” she says.

In 2020 IPWEA will formulate its new strategic plan. Ms. Excell encouraged members to provide insights into what the organisation can do to support them.

With a busy schedule of activities and projects for 2020, Ms. Excell called on members to get involved with the organisation’s opportunities.

“I am impressed at how agile we are as an organisation to be able to offer a range of topics and delivery mechanisms to support the diverse way people want to receive information,” she said.

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