Kurrajong tree relocated for Bayswater Station upgrade

An 80-year old Bayswater Kurrajong tree was moved for the Bayswater Station upgrade project. The removal process started in May 2019 and was completed on January 9 2020.

The relocation began by digging a trench around the tree and trimming its roots. The trench was then backfilled with clean loose soil to encourage the establishment of new feeder roots.

After a monitoring period the moving day started. The 17-tonne Australian native tree was lifted by a crane from the ground and then transferred to a mobile crane to be escorted through the town to its new home at Bert Wright Park.

The relocation is another step in the Bayswater Station upgrade project, with the tree’s previous location on the corner of Coode Street and Whatley Crescent to become the upgraded stations eastern entrance.

The Kurrajong tree will now be monitored for the next 12-18 months to ensure it thrives in its new environment.

The Bayswater Station will aim to better integrate with the town centre precinct. It will provide enhanced pedestrian connections, more bus connections for passengers, and have platforms able to cater for six-car trains.

A construction tender for the works was released last year and will be awarded early this year.

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