Learn to contribute to Victoria’s rail infrastructure boom, one best-practice standard at a time

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With the 10th Annual Victorian Major Projects Conference approaching on the 27-28 November, attendees can expect to receive a host of timely information on the roll-out of some of the state’s largest rail projects.

The informative sessions will serve a double purpose; equipping construction and infrastructure contractors with the knowledge required to use practice best-practice standards for efficient project delivery, while clarifying how individual expertise can fit into the large-scale nature of each rail project.

Rail Project Victoria’s (RPV) Regional Rail Revival Program is one large-scale project that will be explored in depth at the conference. The $1.75 billion program will be unpacked by Mark Havryluk, who since September 2017 has held the title as Director – Regional Rail Revival.

Upgrades to regional passenger lines in Victoria are currently progressing as part of the program, with the development of Ballarat’s brand new Cobblebank Station just weeks away. With every regional passenger line in Victoria set to be enhanced by the end of 2022, plenty of opportunity still exists for contractors to supply quality public transport infrastructure to Victoria’s growing regional areas.

The state’s Suburban Rail Loop will similarly transform Melbourne’s greater rail network. Melburnians residing in key growth areas will be connected to Melbourne’s CBD, while supplying regional communities with new rail connections. The multibillion-dollar project solidifies the state’s focus on delivering major rail projects state-wide, from regions to city.

Adele McCarthy, recently appointed Executive General Manager, Planning and Precincts at the Suburban Rail Loop Authority will provide conference attendees with updates on the project. As part of her presentation, McCarthy will unpack the benefits of Victoria’s biggest transport project for not only commuters, but for contractors across industry.

Continuing the trend of showcasing Victoria’s once-in-a-generation rail projects will be Linda Cantan, RPV Package Director – Tunnel & Stations, who will provide conference attendees with the latest information on the Melbourne Metro Tunnel.

Comprising 9km twin tunnels, five new underground stations and new walkways connecting commuters from station to station, construction for the Metro Tunnel will take place from now until 2025. 504,000 more passengers will be able to use Melbourne’s rail system and more than 7,000 jobs will be created, solidifying the project’s status as one benefiting Victorians and contractors alike.

Two in-depth panel discussions will accommodate the timely information provided on these projects at the Victorian Major Projects Conference.

One will focus specifically on effective community engagement in delivering major projects, with the aid of communications and engagement leaders working to deliver some of the largest road and rail projects across the state. Director of Strategic Communications Trent Woodberry will be joined by Emily Lazzaro, Deputy Director, Communications & Stakeholder Management of Regional Rail Revival, among others.

With seats to the conference selling fast, contractors looking to enhance their work in Victoria’s booming roads and rail sector are encouraged to book now.

The 10th Annual Victorian Major Projects Conference is held at the Melbourne Convention Centre. Click here for more information and to register.

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