Lining up the shot with SANY Line Pump

Ross Pritchard’s concrete pumping business experienced unforeseen versatility when it added a SANY LP 9018 Line Pump to its fleet.Ross Pritchard’s concrete pumping business experienced unforeseen versatility when it added a SANY LP 9018 Line Pump to its fleet.

Melbourne-based concrete company Line Up Concrete Pumping began operating two and a half years ago, led by its founder and Managing Director Ross Pritchard.

He built the company from the ground up and added new concrete technology, pumps and staff as it developed. As the number of tools available to the team grew, more business opportunities presented themselves.

Mr. Pritchard says the company reached a point around 18 months ago where demand for the company’s services had increased rapidly. But, without more powerful equipment, the company was not able to handle pours on larger industrial sites.

This led to the purchase of a SANY LP 9018 Line Pump in June to expand Line Up Concrete Pumping’s fleet.

“I’d heard good things about the SANY Line Pump from overseas but couldn’t find much about it in Australia. It turns out we were one of the first to purchase one in the country,” Mr. Pritchard says.

“It’s one of the most popular pumps in China, so we decided to take up an offer from Gough Industrial Solutions to get one for us.”

The SANY Line Pump offers a high pressure and high volume concrete output, allowing Line Up Concrete Pumping to deliver services in shorter timeframes and in the tighter access areas of Melbourne’s inner suburbs.

By adding the pump to its fleet, Line Up Concrete Pumping could now handle all kinds of line bases by connecting the SANY machine to a static line or power boom pump.

Mr. Pritchard says he was impressed by the size of the 9.2-metre-long pump and sent out for testing out in the field.

Over the past two months, the team at Line Up Concrete Pumping has used the SANY pump on about 15 jobs and experienced its increased capabilities.

“We weren’t expecting it to be able to do the smaller jobs or pours. We thought it was going to be too big and powerful,” Mr. Pritchard says.

“But the pump is able to handle almost anything we throw it at, which means we’re no longer the little guy and can take on the larger scale contracts as well.”

An intelligent control system has been installed in the pump to ensure the system pumps concrete at the correct speeds and pressures for a variety of applications.

The engine speed of the pump is regulated based on the load of the main pump, which has helped the line pump save 20 per cent more fuel while in operation.

Line Up Concrete Pumping has used the SANY Line Pump on sites across Melbourne, pouring the foundation slabs for units, pavements and post tensioned slabs for houses. With the increased scope, it’s now possible for the company to work on high rise buildings of up to 40 storeys.

For Line Up Concrete Pumping, the new machine now means they’re able to handle more complex infrastructure jobs, potentially pouring concrete for tunnel works.

Mr. Pritchard says one security feature that adds additional safety is the use of a lockout system, which means the machine can’t be started without a pin code.

Mr. Pritchard says he is looking to acquire an additional pump sometime in the future thanks to the success he has had with the SANY machine. He adds the after sales support he received from Gough led him to strongly consider purchasing a new boom pump from SANY as well. “The team at Gough are incredible people and are always willing to give you a hand. When the Line Pump comes up to service, we know we’re in good hands with such a reputable team,” he says.

“I’d definitely buy more SANY equipment, especially if the demand for our business keeps going the way it is going.”

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