Major original equipment manufacturer releases electric cement mixers

Image courtesy of Liebherr.

Liebherr and Designwerk have developed fully electric truck mixers with 10 and 12 metres cubed drums on a five axle chassis.

Traditionally diesel engines have been the norm for concrete applications.

The new ETM 1005 and 1205 truck mixers can transport large quantities of concrete to construction sites quietly and reliably without exhaust emissions.

The company designed the electric concrete mixers as distances from concrete plants to construction sites tend to be relatively short, so the designers believed an electric solution would be well suited to a concrete application.

In a statement Liebherr said battery charging would normally only be required overnight, with energy recovery during braking or downhill driving to increase the range of the truck.

The drum drive developed by Liebherr and ZF consists of a low-maintenance and efficient unit of an electric motor and a mixer gearbox. Both the truck and the truck mixer body are powered jointly by the traction battery, eliminating the need for costly power electronics components.

A platform system on both sides allows flexible positioning and attachment of accessories or attachments to suit customer requirements.

Holcim and KIBAG in Switzerland are set to be the first customer for the electric concrete pumps. The truck is well designed for applications in Switzerland where a gross vehicle weight of 40 tonnes is allowed on five axels.

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