Mega tunnel boring machine breaks through at Barangaroo

Image of Nancy arriving at Barangaroo from Sydney Metro.

The first mega borer tunneling under the centre of Sydney has finished work with its journey coming to an end at the Barangaroo Station site.

TBM Nancy broke through a wall of sandstone after a 15 month excavation to deliver Sydney Metro’s newest railway tunnels.

Nancy was first launched from Marrickville in October 2018 and has tunneled through 8.1 kilometres of Sandstone and shale.

Along her journey Nancy has excavated more than 821,000 tonnes of rock, this could fill 126 olympic swimming pools.

The new tunnel passes through new metro railway station sites at Waterloo, Central, Pitt Street and Martin Place. It has left behind a concrete lined and waterproofed tunnel.

The TBM is named after transport pioneer Nancy-Bird Walton OBE, who was the Commonwealth’s first female pilot to carry passengers and founder of the Australian Women Pilots’ Association.

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