Multihog launches multi-purpose vehicle range in Australia

The Irish-based manufacturer of multi-purpose vehicles and sweepers has announced its entry into the Australian market, partnering with NSW based Triking to launch its vehicles on the Australian market.

Triking director Luke Wiseman said the partnership will greatly benefit both companies, as well as customers of multi-purpose vehicles.

“I’m really excited and proud to launch Multihog here and be the first official dealer for New South Wales and Victoria,” Wiseman said.

Multihog specialises in multi-purpose vehicles and sweepers for the local government, airport, and facilities maintenance markets. The machines can be fitted with various attachments to carry out a wide range of tasks, including sweeping, mowing, street cleaning and even solar panel cleaning.

The vehicles have already been deployed, with Acacia Environmental Management purchasing the vehicles. The product came with a chemical free weed control attachment, providing environmental benefits.

“It’s a sustainable, eco-friendly weed removal method, and with climate change high on the agenda here, I think it could be a really good solution for our local government,” Wiseman explained.

The vehicles are expected to cater for multi-facet industries; including local governments, airports and facility maintenance markets.

Tony Duff, sales director at Multihog, said the vehicles will also be rolled out nationally.

“We’re planning to grow our presence there over the next 12-18 months by expanding our dealer network in the rest of the states,” Duff said.



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