NSW and VIC lead the nation’s infrastructure funding

For the third year running Infrastructure Partnerships Australia has announced NSW is leading the nation in public infrastructure investment.

Victoria closed in at second place according to the 2019 Infrastructure Budget Monitor.

Infrastructure Partnerships Australia, Chief Executive Adrian Dwyer said NSW has stayed ahead on the national table with an impressive infrastructure agenda.

“Over the next four years, NSW will spend more than $71 billion on projects right across the state, 18.4 per cent of total planned budget expenditure.”

Victoria has committed to $53 billion in infrastructure funding over the next four years, a 13.4 billion increase from last years budget.

This year both NSW and VIC account for 68 per cent of total infrastructure funding for Australia.

Queensland retained third place and the Northern Territory lead the other jurisdictions in terms of infrastructure funding per capita.

“It’s good to see that despite significant revenue pressure, states and territories across Australia have responded to our call to continue pressing the pedal on infrastructure spending,” said Mr. Dwyer.

“Australia faces an unprecedented population and productivity growth challenge that must be met with sustained spending on transport, hospital, and school projects right across the country.”

The budget monitor also shows states who embrace asset recycling have been able to tap into a major pool of capital investment in large infrastructure projects.

Infrastructure Partnerships Australia is an industry think tank for the infrastructure sector, providing independent policy research focused on excellence in social and economic infrastructure.

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