NTC seeking feedback on Heavy Vehicle National Law

The National Transport Commission (NTC) is seeking feedback on its third issues paper, as part of the Heavy Vehicle National Law (HVNL) review.

A review of the HVNL was approved by the Transport and Infrastructure Council earlier this year, and will consider improvements to the recent terms of reference submitted by NTC.

These included amendments to enhance safety and productivity in response to the National Road Safety Governance review.

The issues paper considers current access arrangements under the HVNL, analyses access-related issues and seeks feedback on ways to improve heavy vehicle access.

NTC Chief Executive Officer Gillian Miles said access issues are complex and can cause problems for industry.

“Access is straightforward for many heavy vehicles, however operators of higher-productivity vehicles often need to apply for a permit, or operate under notice, which can result in delays and other costs. These costs affect all Australian businesses and households,” Mr. Miles said.

“We also need to manage our road infrastructure effectively. We need to find the best way to make sure we allow heavy vehicles access wherever it is safe and sensible and, in doing so, make access decisions quickly, consistently and transparently.”

Following consultation the NTC will develop a consultation Regulation Impact Statement, before taking recommendations to relevant ministers in November 2020.

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