Over 20,000 road jobs available in QLD

The Queensland Government‘s $23 billion roads and transport program will see more than 21,500 jobs available in road-building, engineering and design.

On 15 August, Transport and Main Roads Minister Mark Bailey meet with 500 industry representatives to showcase upcoming projects such as Bruce Highway upgrades from Cairns to Caboolture and the next tranche of M1 upgrades.

“This our fourth record roads and transport budget. There’s a job bonanza and we want Queenslanders to reap the benefits,” Mr. Bailey said.

“Since 2015, we’ve created a steady pipeline of projects to not only support our state’s increased demand for roads and transport, but also jobs.”

Mr. Bailey said $14.5 billion of the roads budget had been allocated to projects in regional Queensland, which will support more than 13,500 jobs outside of the south east corner.

“This includes projects like the $514.3 million Haughton River Floodplain Upgrade in Townsville, $150 million Walkerston Bypass in Mackay, $127 million Cairns Shipping Development, and $121 million Rockhampton Northern Access Upgrade,” Mr. Bailey said.

“Head to Cairns, Townsville, Rockhampton and other regional hubs and you’ll find people turning up job sites, building our future roads and transport.”

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