Queenslanders asked to share views on Bruce Highway upgrade

Bruce Highway - Works - QLD
Image courtesy of Queensland Government

The Queensland Government is asking for residents to share their views on the Bruce Highway upgrade program, which has $13 billion being spent over 15 years for the major upgrade.

Queensland’s Transport and Main Roads Minister Mark Bailey encouraged motorists to share their views on the “best and worst bits” of the 1700-kilometre corridor between Brisbane and Cairns.

“Sections of the highway with a history of being dangerous, congested or flood-prone have already been fixed or are being progressively upgraded,” Bailey said.

“There is still plenty to do though, and motorists, truck drivers and residents who use the highway every day are the people who can highlight sections they think need work, and that’s why we’re keen to hear from them.”

An online survey has been developed to support the work of the Bruce Highway Trust Advisory Council (BHTAC), as the Advisory develops a long-term vision for the highway.

“The Trust brings together leaders of Queensland’s peak transport and industry bodies to develop a long-term vision for jobs and upgrades on Queensland’s national highway,” Bailey explained.

BHTAC chair Peter Garske said that information regarding the project will help to influence local infrastructure.

“The BHTAC is overseeing the development of a 15-year vision supported by three, five-year rolling action plans and the Safer Bruce 2030 Action Plan to unlock economic growth, build flood resilience and improve safety on the Bruce Highway,” Mr Garske said.

“The information provided by Queenslanders in this survey will be used to guide the development of the vision and action plans, and future investment in this nationally-significant highway that connects goods with markets and people to essential services,” he added.

The survey, which takes about 10 minutes to complete, can be accessed via the BHTAC website.


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