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Over the past four decades Redarc has transformed from a small South Australian business to an international brand found across three continents. With new products, locations and equipment the company continues to focus on customer-service excellence.

Redarc Electronics was established in South Australia more than 40 years ago with innovative products to service the heavy-vehicle industry.

Redarc’s trailer-lighting reducer revolutionised the way trucks with 24V systems converted down to 12V. Since then, its range has grown to include power supplies, vehicle lighting controls, timers, relays, alarms, battery chargers, trailer braking, heavy-vehicle safety products and more.

Redarc products can now be found on vehicles used in emergency, defence and mining, along with recreational vehicles such as 4WDs, caravans and camper trailers.


In the last five years, two brands have joined the Redarc stable, Hummingbird Electronics and Redarc Defence Systems to create the REDARC Group.

Redarc acquired Hummingbird Electronics in 2015, with a product range that includes audio-visual alarms, GPS trip meters and odometers, speedos, and speed switches. The acquisition also led to Redarc establishing its NSW branch at the Williamstown Aerospace Centre in 2017.

In 2019, Redarc Defence Systems was launched to advance the group’s defence portfolio in Australia and globally.


Now Redarc has opened a new office in Victoria at the Auto Innovation Centre (AIC), within the automotive district, which is centrally located in Mulgrave, South East of Melbourne.

General Manager Commercial Sales, Guy Nicholls says Redarc industrial products, coupled with Hummingbird sensing and monitoring products, place the company in a position to create unique commercial solutions.

“We have over 600 product lines, so there is an array of Australian made off-the-shelf products and customised off-the-shelf products available to meet the needs of our customers,” Nichols says.


Launching in April 2021 is Redarc’s BCDC1212T DC Battery Charger which is ideal for trailers and liftgate trucks with electrical equipment and accessories such as hydraulic pumps, tipper trailers, winches, service lights and sign boards.

The BCDC1212T works with 12 voltage and 24 voltage systems and is due for release in Australia and New Zealand in April.

The Hummingbird brand specialising in sensing and monitoring solutions offers products such as the Idle Timer, Audio Alert System and Inclinometer for trucks and machinery.

The Hummingbird Electronics Idle Timer (HMLI003) keeps an engine running for a pre-specified period after the ignition has been turned off, allowing the engine and turbocharger to cool down safely.

This avoids premature turbo wear and failure and saves on costly repairs or replacements. The timer is settable and lockable, with an override switch putting the user in control.

The Hummingbird Audio Alert System (HMMP3016) is designed to give truck and machinery operators clear and precise verbal alerts when an input trigger has been detected, increasing safety.

Some examples of these customised verbal alerts could include: low coolant level, low oil pressure, high engine temperature, over-speed detected and many more.

The Integrated Compact Inclinometer (HMDS0400) enables machinery operators to monitor both pitch and/or roll of their machines. It incorporates an integrated accelerometer into the compact colour display. The easy-to-follow integrated menu allows for interpretation of pitch and roll angles in either degrees or percent gradients.

For safety in the event of a vehicle rollover, Redarc has created a Roll Over Sensor (ROS) that works together with the Battery Master Isolation Switch (BMIS) to automatically shut down all truck electrics when a dangerous angle is identified, minimising the chance of a spark.

To back all of these solutions up, Redarc offers a DC Power Supply (DPS) range designed to support critical systems like anti-lock braking systems or communications equipment, delivering a clean and stable power supply.

With a serious commitment to safety and growing demand for this type of equipment, Redarc is looking to continue on its path of growth.

For more information contact: Redarc Electronics 08 8322 4848, visit, or visit Hummingbird at

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