Safety squad established by the Major Transport Infrastructure Authority

The Major Transport Infrastructure Authority (MTIA) have created a specialised safety team to verify strict safety measures, issued by the Department of Health and Human Services, are being followed at major road and rail projects. Work is set to commence on project, which involves rebuilding sections of Warrabungle Street for the new bridge across the railway line at Gunnedah, NSW.

Affectionately named the safety squad, the group is made up of around 70 staff many of them travel to worksites to carry out random spot checks. Some of the sites include the Metro Tunnel, West Gate Tunnel, level crossing removals and more than 100 other road and rail projects.

The safety squad will help to ensure the health and wellbeing of the workforce on these projects and keep Victoria’s Big Build moving forward. This will help to keep people employed throughout the pandemic.

Victoria’s Big Build said contractors on project sites are also conducting daily spot-checks and have their own safety protocols in place, including:

  • physical distancing
  • wearing the correct PPE (face masks and gloves) if working in close proximity to another worker
  • reducing the amount of time two workers are in close proximity
  • proper hygiene measures and staggered shift times.

MITA project sites also have increases procedures in place to help make physical distancing easier for workers. This includes processes such as limiting the size of workgroups at pre-start meetings, providing visible markings on site, additional crib space and signage to crib huts to maintain four square metres per person and proper hygiene measures and staggered shift times.

Works are continuing across all MTIA project sites and there are currently no confirmed COVID-19 cases on MTIA project sites.

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