Small business engagement for SA North-South Corridor

The South Australian Government will consult with 235 businesses potentially affected by construction on the $354 million North-South Corridor Regency Road to Pym Street project.

Infrastructure Minister Stephen Knoll said consultation would help minimise disruption and maintain a ‘business as usual’ approach when major works begin later this year.

“In a first for a major construction project in South Australia, potentially affected businesses will be surveyed, with information fed into the tender process,” Mr. Knoll said.

Consultation forms part of the state government’s Small Business Engagement policy, announced in 2018.

“We know businesses can be negatively impacted by major construction projects and more needs to be done to accommodate these businesses as best we can,” Mr. Knoll said.

“We began consultation when this project was first announced, and we are continuing to reach out earlier in the process to better understand the trading requirements and concerns of affected businesses.”

According to Mr. Knoll, there are a host of measures contractors can undertake to help minimise disruption during construction.

“These could range from simple measures including scheduling of works and maintaining better access to businesses, through to helping to deliver a ‘business as usual’ message to the community,” Mr. Knoll said.

“Major works on the Regency to Pym project are expected to begin later this year, so it’s important we get out and consult with these businesses as soon as possible.”

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