Traffic lighting contractor appointed for level crossing removal project

Image by Denise Jans on Unsplash

L&M Traffic Systems, a subsidiary of Traffic Technologies, has won a $1 million contract to supply and install Intelligent Traffic Systems in the Melbourne suburb of Edithvale.

The technology is in connection with the level crossing removal, with the technology potentially to be extended to Bond Beach at Port Philip Bay in Victoria.

The level crossing removal at Edithvale Road will involve the lowering of the current rail line and building a new road. The level crossing removal will also include construction of a new Edithvale Station.

The removal aims to decrease the amount of downtime during morning peak traffic, with the crossing being down for an average of 42 minutes, with approximately 30 trains running through the crossing.

Similar projects have been completed under the Victorian Government’s Big Build program, including the removal of 75 level crossings across Victoria to ease congestion and improve safety.

Traffic Technologies’ managing director Con Liostas said the awarded contract was a sign of the continuous success of the company’s projects.

“The acquisition of L&M Traffic Services has enabled the company to take on projects such as level crossing removals, whilst at the same time the connection with the company has enabled L&M Traffic Services to take on larger scale projects such as Edithvale,” Liostas said.

Traffic technologies’ other subsidiary, Aldridge Traffic Systems, provides iCells for controlling street lightings. The company has recently won a contract to supply ‘smart city’ street lightings to Rotherham Metropolitan Borough Council in the United Kingdom.



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