Trout River introduces new custom road maintenance units

Live bottom trailer manufacturer Trout River Australia has released its new and versatile road maintenance units.Since manufacturing the first live bottom trailers for the Australian market, Trout River Australia has embraced innovation in its quest to deliver the highest quality product for its customers.

The company’s range of trailers are manufactured to Australian Standards and have been tried and tested in Australian conditions. It has met market demand while remaining versatile and conscious of what industry wants.

Using Trout River Canada’s extensive 15-year knowledge of the live bottom trailer industry and input from the road maintenance industry, Trout River Australia has developed and introduced a variety of custom options and accessories to make each trailer and tub built-to-task.

The fruit of Trout River Australia’s labours is its new custom road maintenance units, released in 2016.

This new range of units cater to the demands of complex road maintenance projects by incorporating ease-of-use into its core design. An in-cabin touchscreen control coupled with rear access crew controls enable the functions of vibrating plate lifters, emulsion tanks, spray units, unloading speed controls and chip spreaders to be performed easily. The units can be fabricated as quick release bodies.

Trout River Australia’s version of the chip spreader can function as an attachment on the new range and is exclusive to the manufacturer’s live bottom vehicles. “The chip spreader was developed over a course of 48 months and is innovative in the fact that it is the only unit available that can feed and discharge the product onto the road without the need to raise a body into the air. This removes the risk of contact with power lines, trees or any overhead structures and dramatically reduces the risk of rollover,” explains John Surwillo, Managing Director at Trout River Australia.

The chip spreader can also be controlled from the truck cabin via a touchscreen control panel, toggle switches and remote control system, making it even easier to operate. It incorporates a hydraulic lift function, which allows clearance for a tow hitch to be fitted to the truck.

On top of the chip spreader, Trout River Australia has also released a new type of tailgate – the ‘Swinger’ – an extendable side conveyor, spreader box and water tank that fits into the trailer. The Swinger allows for secondary equipment such as a rota mill to fill trailers without hitting rear doors or having to reach over the tailgate to load. The extendable side conveyor has proved popular for trench backfilling, keeping the truck 1.7 metres from a trench. Mr. Surwillo says the spreader box has made resheeting a breeze for customers and the water tank makes the trailers and tubs more flexible.

Today, with attachments such as the chip spreaders, swinger tailgates, spreader boxes, extendable side conveyors, water tanks and side delivery chutes, Trout River Australia has established itself as a leader in the live bottom trailer market. The company is striving to continue to strengthen its portfolio with each new addition. “We are constantly looking at innovative ways to make our product even more versatile,” says Mr. Surwillo. “We don’t mind a challenge. We can fabricate just about anything that is put in front of us. We can do mud spreaders, six-metre slewing conveyors and even rear lift live bottom tubs. The fact that we can provide these additional options on top of our tried and tested live bottom trailers has certainly created plenty of buzz in the industry.

“Trout River will continue to become even more versatile with more options for customers to choose from.”

“To meet market demands, we have also introduced a lightweight version of our trailers utilising aluminium and Domex predominantly in its build with a tare weight of 5.2 tonne,” Mr. Surwillo adds, revealing that Trout River Australia has also introduced non-belt/slatted trailers in answer to customer requests in the road repair industry.

As the road construction industry continues to grow and the company continues to make its tubs and trailers more applicable for different products, Mr. Surwillo says Trout River Australia will be able to leverage its established presence and years of experience to develop additional options and meet increasingly specific customer demands.

To ensure that its customers always have help on hand when required, Trout River Australia has strengthened its dealer network with the addition of Borcat Trailers as its New South Wales dealer, along with licencees Reid & Mowat Engineering in New Zealand, with others to be announced shortly.

“Throughout the years, growing our service partners has always been a part of our mantra to continually improve, expand and provide proficient equipment,” says Mr. Surwillo. He says that interest in live bottom trailers has escalated dramatically in the past three years with Trout River Australia at the forefront of technology and adaptations for this type of delivery system. The company’s growth has resulted in them moving into new larger premises in Hallam in order to meet the increased demand for Trout River trailers and specialised attachments.

“It’s been ten years since John and I brought the Trout River brand to Australia’s market, and we couldn’t be better placed. Our portfolio is strong, while our presence has strengthened considerably interstate and in New Zealand,” says Neil Lehman, Director of Trout River Australia.

This story has appeared in the Roads & Civil Works February/March 2016 edition – get your copy here today!

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