Upgrades complete for the Channel Highway at Margate, Tasmania

Upgrades to strengthen and improve the condition of the road pavement on Channel Highway in Margate, Tasmania are now complete.

The Channel Highway is growing in popularity as a bus route, carrying commuter traffic from the South of Margate as well as tourist traffic which is headed to Bruny Island and other tourist destinations in the Channel area.

The upgrades have taken place between Van Morey Road and the Baretta Waste Management Facility.

Upgrade works were funded by the Tasmanian Government’s 2019-20 road rehabilitation program, the upgrades will aim to provide a safer road and more enjoyable driving experience.

Construction began in February 2020 and the works were completed on schedule in May 2020.

This project is one of 10 sites around the state being reconstructed through the 2019-20 road rehabilitation program. Seven of the 10 sites in this year’s program have now been completed, including Pipers River Road, Gordon River Road, and a number of locations on the Lyell Highway.

Out of the three remaining projects, two sites on Potina Road and Boyer Road are in the final stages of construction and are likely to be finished in the coming weeks.

Construction on the final site of the 2019-2020 program, the Lyell Highway at the Blair Street Roundabout, is due to start in early June 2020.

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